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Raleigh DWI – Driving While Impaired

raleigh dwi stopSam Bridges is an experienced Raleigh DWI lawyer who has a keen understanding of the intricate details of DWI laws.

Driving while impaired is a misdemeanor that is resolved for the most part in North Carolina by a guilty plea or trial in front of a District Court Judge.  The evidence against the defendant is presented by the arresting officer and any other relevant witnesses.  Usually it is not helpful for the defendant to testify in his/her own behalf.  DWI cases may sometimes be resolved favorably if the defendant and his/her attorney prevails on a pretrial motion to suppress or pretrial motion to dismiss, depending on the facts of the case.  Mr. Bridges will work to find a particular fact or legal issue that will help your case.

An attorney will thoroughly analyze the facts of your case and work to try to prevent you from being found guilty of this offense.  Even if the conviction cannot be avoided it is very helpful to have an attorney guide you through the process of going to court and dealing with the many administrative and compliance matters such as obtaining a limited driving privilege.  Keeping up with all the requirements and preparing the paperwork in a DWI case is complicated.  Mr. Bridges understands these details and will help you navigate this process.

North Carolina Statutes Related to Driving While Impaired

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The elements of the offense of driving while impaired are governed by the statute NCGS 20-138.1.  Sentencing or punishment for the offense is outlined in a lengthy format in NCGS 20-179.   NCGS 20-17(a)(2) mandates the one year drivers license revocation for the offense.  NCGS 20-16.2 states the consequences for refusing to submit to a chemical analysis.  Every DWI case is different and presents a unique set of challenges for the State and the defendant.  Mr. Bridges will patiently explain your options and be realistic about outcomes.

Raleigh DWI Punishment

Punishment for first offenders includes a one year drivers license revocation (an attorney may assist a defendant in obtaining a limited driving privilege for that one year period).  Punishment for first offenders also includes approximately $750.00 in court costs and fines, community service hours, and required substance abuse classes.  Defendants may usually avoid being placed on supervised probation by paying their court costs and fines at the time the case is finally resolved.  Mr. Bridges will be in court with you standing beside you insisting on a fair resolution for you.

A second offense of driving while impaired in North Carolina within a 7 year period requires the judge to impose a mandatory jail sentence.  Multiple offenses create more complications at sentencing.  Hiring an attorney like Mr. Bridges can help you understand and deal effectively with a sentencing hearing.

If you’ve been charged with a DWI in Raleigh or the surrounding areas of Wake or Johnston County, contact Sam Bridges today.  Call 919-772-7440 or send an email using the form on the right.