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Raleigh Homicide Lawyer

Sam Bridges has been lead trial counsel in capital trials meaning he has conducted jury trials to verdict in the most serious first degree murder cases. That means those first degree murder trials that involve a sentencing hearing with the death penalty at stake.

Experienced with Complex Legal Proceedings

Being charged with first degree murder in North Carolina is the beginning of complex legal proceedings that may take several years to resolve. Having an attorney that is experienced, accessible, candid and realistic is invaluable.  Mr. Bridges will work hard in every circumstance to make these situations better for his client. However, he will never promise an outcome that is unattainable.

Hiring forensic experts is also very important in analyzing and presenting a homicide case.  Mr. Bridges has employed DNA experts, fingerprint experts, psychiatric and psychological experts, medical examiners and others and is familiar with the best experts in the field.

Mr. Bridges has also represented inmates on death row in post conviction proceedings.  That means that he has represented defendants previously sentenced to death in the latter stages of their appeal process.

First Degree Murder Case Outcomes

Results in first degree murder cases or in any criminal proceeding are dependent in part on the facts of each case.  It is important to have an attorney who understands how to be thorough and realistic about potential outcomes.  For instance, it may be very difficult for a client to accept a plea offer to second degree murder.  However, refusing such an offer and being convicted of first degree murder and being sentenced to life without parole is a much worse outcome especially for a young client.  Mr. Bridges has had these difficult discussions with clients charged with first degree murder.  Sometimes it takes months of negotiating and discussion to arrive at a particular decision and outcome.

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