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Traffic Tickets, License Revocation, Misdemeanors

Attorney Sam Bridges has 25 years of experience representing clients with traffic tickets, drivers license revocations, and misdemeanors in Raleigh and eastern North Carolina.

Traffic Tickets

NC highway patrol carUnlike more serious criminal matters, resolving a speeding ticket or misdemeanor or drivers license revocation can take a matter of a few weeks or even a few days instead of taking a longer period of time.

Of course the goal here is for the client to avoid insurance points, avoid drivers license points, and avoid or repair a drivers license revocation.  Mr. Bridges has resolved hundreds of traffic court matters in Wake County and has resolved traffic matters in more than 40 counties in North Carolina.

In a typical case for instance a speeding citation for 60/45 the defendant’s court appearance may be waived and the defendant may mail in his citation with the payment for the court costs and plead guilty to the offense.  However, pleading guilty to speeding 60/45 causes the defendant to be assessed one insurance point in North Carolina which normally means a 15 percent increase in the insurance rate assessed over a three year period.

Hiring an attorney to get the citation amended is an effective way to avoid insurance points.  In most jurisdictions in North Carolina an attorney is usually able to resolve a minor speeding ticket like 60/45 by entering a plea to improper equipment, a non moving violation.  Pleading to improper equipment usually involves paying the court costs and a higher fine but it does not carry any drivers license points or insurance points.

Drivers License Revocation

north carolina drivers licenseBeing charged with Driving While License Revoked (DWLR) is a misdemeanor and if the case is not handled properly it can cause a defendant to suffer a drivers license revocation.  Mr. Bridges has helped many clients, especially those without prior Driving While Impaired (DWI) convictions, resolve DWLR cases favorably.  Mr. Bridges has also helped many clients get their drivers license restored by working to get old cases dismissed and/or resolved favorably and by putting clients in a position to obtain a DWLR driving privilege.


Some misdemeanors may be resolved by an attorney without the defendant having to be present.  If you live out of state or if out of town from your court appearance an attorney may be able to help you resolve your case without you having to travel to court.

Some misdemeanors may be resolved by a deferred prosecution meaning the client may be offered the opportunity to earn a dismissal by completing community service hours or taking classes such as substance abuse or anger management classes.

Many misdemeanors may be resolved by paying the court costs and fines.  Other circumstances may require a defendant convicted of a misdemeanor to serve 150 days in jail.

It is always helpful to have an attorney assist you in resolving a criminal case, even a misdemeanor.  A misdemeanor conviction may stay with you permanently and may prevent you from getting particular jobs.

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